Training Services

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A happy dog, is an obedient dog. Why?
Because a dog will then understand what it needs to do to earn it’s owner’s praise. 

Training is one of the most important elements that we as dog owners can execute. By implementing a regiment, the dog can build a pattern based on expectations. I call this “programming.

Puppy Training
“Programming” begins at 6-8 weeks age. Although you can start earlier, our puppy program will commence at 8 weeks of age. Puppy training includes: Potty training, leash familiarization, follow the handler, sit, down, stay, recall, and much more. All training in this program is reward based as it is foundation training.

Getting Started
– Socialization and Bonding (coming soon)


Young Dog Training
Young dogs enter this program from 5-11 months of age. In this stage the young dog will build on his foundation received during puppy training and can anticipate basic commands. Drive development is crucial in this stage. Building the dogs different drives will exaggerate natural instincts and ability needed for work.

– Young dog tips and tricks (coming soon)

Adult Dog Training
Adult dogs enter this program 12 months of age. As a working dog owner, this is one of the most rewarding stages. Your dog has now settled in and its drives and nerves should be mostly developed. In this phase of training, dogs are taught specialized skills such as tracking, detection work and protection training. This training requires many ours of hard work from handlers and trainers.

– Adult dog videos and skill shops (coming 01/10/15)

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