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Training Updates 2014

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New website blogs and training information coming soon. Basic puppy programing “getting started,” free class info, and more.


Canine Group Training Class- Olympia, WA

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WHEN: October 13, 2013 at 11:00am
COST: Only $30 to enter per dog/handler team.

Location: Bush Park Lacey, WA (4400 Chardonnay Dr SE, Lacey, WA 98503)
(Adjacent to heritage Bank on the Yelm Highway)…

Class topics:

  • Basic obedience
  • The art of reward and correction
  • Supervised socialization
  • Developing drive: tips and tricks
  • Fix those pesky bad habits: Chewing, Jumping, Digging,
    Failure to come when called and much more

To reserve your spot now Call or text: 509.931.1363
or Click Here to email.

Class flyer


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Virtual Grand Opening: 10/9/13

Today I have decided to launch Allenton Family K9 on the internet. We can be found by our URL addresses Allenton Family K9 or AFK9.


This business adventure has been an exciting one, one that I have been dreaming up for several years now. I created AFK9 to provide dog owners with realistic training that would allow them to enjoy their dog’s working capabilities yet, have control in family environment. The concept of my business is simple… the power of a working dog, with developed control and love of family. We provide quality training and working dogs, which are quality tested.


One may ask, “Jake, how do you quality control a dog’s training?” The answer is simple, train the dog in a family environment. I named my business “Allenton Family K9.” Normally, I would not have used my last name in the title of a business, however, every member of my family is involved, even my 14 month old, Jason. Jason teaches dogs to have nerves of steel around children. He loves dogs and loves to play “tag” with them.  I want people to know that when I take a dog/puppy in for one of my training programs the dog is not only being trained in the field, but in the home. A dog/puppy quickly adapts to family living and household manners.  That is how you quality control.

Over the next few weeks you will experience the complete launch of my website and I am excited to offer the following services to my customers and friends:


  • One on One training
  • Group Classes
  • In Home Training
  • Puppy Obedience
  • Puppy Imprinting
  • Young Dog Obedience
  • Adult Dog Obedience
  • Personal Protection
  • Detection/Tracking


This is where visitors will experience everything German Shepherd. We will list current German Shepherd dogs and puppies for sale as well as discuss the importance of quality and adaptability of German Shepherd for every lifestyle. Lilly Fly

All German Shepherds sold on Allenton Family K9 will be bred in Germany, unless otherwise specified. I also work very close with my friend and business partner Daniela Graf, Vomschweizerhof German Shepherds

BLOG:Finally, I want to provide my customers/clients/general public with education. Here you will find two kinds of blogs-

Written blogs will discuss subjects in brief overview providing insight on AFK9 events and new training tactics.

Video blogs will provide “how to” instructions and will give visual instruction to all viewers. Most trainers will not want to help their customers by providing free tips. However, part of our mission statement is to educate working dog owners. I will say this over and over again… It is about the dog being part of the family and giving families solutions that work.

“So what sets us apart? I really want to stress the importance of family. Allenton Family K9 puts family first. Yes, German Shepherds are working dogs that train hard and play harder… However, they also make amazing family dogs. Very few breeds can perform at the level required then turn around and spend the next hour laying at your feet watching football. Our dogs don’t spent their time in kennels- they stay in our home with our family. Each one is socialized in a family setting which is especially exciting.”

-Jessica Allenton


Click Here To Write Allenton Family K9

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