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More than just German Shepherds

We specialize in training working breeds, not just German Shepherds.  From Labradors to Newfoundlands and every breed in between.  AFK9 is dedicated to providing top quality training and resources to it’s customers.  All breeds welcome!

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Interactive training

Unlike traditional dog training, we take time to train owners as well as the dogs. Interactive learning encourages the dog to respond to its handler instead of a trainer.  This forces the transfer of learned behavior and ultimately leading to a very productive lesson.

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Socialize your dog during learning

Group classes offer a unique experience for the dog and their owners.  Engaging in learning under distraction gives our k9 team the optimum training experience while having fun and meeting other dog owners in the process.

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AFK9 FamAllenton Family K9 (AFK9) is a family business built on principles of team, discipline, and love located in Olympia, WA approxiamtely 45 minutes south of Seattle Washington. Working dogs are special animals that require a unique blend of training, family, and socialization. With over 15 years training working breeds in military, law enforcement, and sport disciplines our training programs offer solutions that work. Our customers are provided with the tools and knowledge to live in harmony with their working dog.

Outside of traditional working breeds such as Labradors, Retrievers, Rottweilers, Hounds, and Malinois- We specialize in German Shepherds. A breed that is truly versatile that performs in all levels of work. Allenton Family K9 is partnered with one of the best breeders in the United States Kennel vom Schweizerhof. Almost every litter is bred in Germany to continue to improve the integrity of the breed. German Shephered dogs may also be imported from Germany upon request.